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HIGH POINT, NC — High Point Medical Center Foundation is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $15,000 grant from Delta Dental to fund a new interactive dental health exhibit in the Wellness Discovery room at Millis Regional Health Education Center. The funding allows for an important revitalization and expansion of “Decay! No Way!” – the center’s ongoing dental health program.

Featuring names such as Mr. Big Mouth and Sheriff Tuffy Tooth, the “Decay! No Way!” program teaches students about easy oral health habits to maintain a healthy smile through nutritious food choices and interactive games. According to a multiyear Pew Charitable Trusts dental study, which rates states by their support of low-income children through dental sealant programs, North Carolina ranked low nationally for child oral health care, scoring an F in 2012 and D in 2014. The new exhibit aims to promote oral health awareness by highlighting oral health messages from “Decay! No Way!” and encouraging students to investigate oral hygiene and proper brushing techniques.

Designed by Studio Displays of Pineville, North Carolina, the exhibit will be installed by the end of summer 2017. The new display uses a custom, sculpted lower jaw that provides real-time, interactive information as students “brush” with an oversized toothbrush. Participants are instructed through a series of graphics and explanations about proper oral hygiene as they engage with the toothbrush.

The Millis Regional Health Education Center shapes its programs around the idea that the use of senses helps the brain retain information quicker and easier. The High Point Medical Center Foundation hopes the exhibit will provide a hands-on experience that keeps children interested in oral hygiene while educating them on important oral health facts. Since its opening in 1998, the Millis Regional Health Education Center has served over 149,000 students and continues to provide high quality health education to children and families in North Carolina.

“Our goal at the Millis Regional Health Education Center is to help students establish healthy habits, from eating nutritious foods and getting enough exercise to learning how to take care of their teeth, at an early age,” said Wil Elder, senior development and community relations officer at Millis Regional Health Education Center. “We hope this exhibit will encourage students to talk to their families about what they have learned and motivate caregivers to focus on dental health – an important part of overall wellness.”

“Children in North Carolina are three times more likely to miss school due to oral health related issues,” said Curt Ladig, Delta Dental of North Carolina CEO. “Improving the oral and overall health of our children is essential in meeting school readiness and education goals for the future. With our foundation’s support, High Point can teach children and their families about good oral health habits with what promises to be an engaging exhibit.”

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